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undangerr - Playing Cards

undangerr - Playing Cards

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A playing card project with a purpose.

What started as a college project got a lot of attention and is now reality <3 
If you make a purchase, you do not just get your own cute and unique looking deck of Playing Cards, but prevent endangered species from dying out!

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Purchase = Donation

Every Purchase is directly linked to a Donation to help endangered animals worldwide.
The money goes to an organization of your choice! Every 40 days, we will publish all donations on our Socials.

Just select your preferred organization when making the purchase :)

Handmade Design

Each card is handcrafted designed and imbued with love. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, resulting in a unique product that reflects the passion and dedication put into its creation

Made in Germany

We work with a local printing house in Germany which works with renewable energy sources. Together, we also avoid any unnecessary plastic packaging.

For Young and for Old

There is no age-limitation ;)
If you either like animals, playing card games or just want to rescue endangered species, this deck is for you.

  • World Wildlife (WWF)

    More Infos here!

  • Wild Animal Initiative

    More Infos here!

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

    More Infos here!

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The Design

1 Deck, 100+ Games

Poker, Rummy, Blackjack, Cribbage, Hearts, Canasta, Spades, Palace, War, Baccarat, Doppelkopf Gin Rummy, Grazy Eghts, Euchre, Spoons, Bridge, Go Fish, Old Maid, ...

You can play it all!